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I am a passionate Counsellor who can help shape your perspective into a healthy and productive one. Whether it’s your career, your relationships, or anything else that’s important to you, I’ll help you develop the habits and skills to effectively deal with the challenges and emotional moments you may encounter in life.


Hi. Thank you for taking the time to explore my website.

My name is Agnieszka (Aga) Mather, and I am a fully qualified, registered Humanistic Integrative Therapist and a member of BACP. (British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists)​
I am located in Paisley, PA1 1TJ
I am in the clinic on:
Monday           9.30 - 18.30 (during the summer holiday I will be closed on Mondays)
Tuesday          10.00 - 19.00
Wednesday    10.00 - 17.00    
Thursday       10.00 - 14.00

As a mental health counsellor and holistic therapist, I feel that I am connected with the real world around me. I listen to a lot of painful stories, and dramatic and unfortunate situations that my clients are exposed to and dealing with. I feel their pain which is unseen and often misunderstood. Frustrated at a time when something that obvious is chosen to be ignored or dismissed by the closest ones around us.

​I feel so privileged that I can be there for them, seeing their growth and overcoming challenges.  I ensure that my clients feel safe and comfortable with me, as I have huge respect for them, and I want to make sure that they do not waste their time when starting therapy with me.

​I have always been an active listener, passionate about the other's personalities and how they view the world. 

Working within many different environments in the past, amongst people from all over the world, has given me a lot of insight into how I want to live my life, feel comfortable and have self-love for who I am.

I aim to show my clients that they can LOVE themselves too. Be proud of WHO THEY ARE and accept the bad and good sides of ourselves, because that is what makes us who WE ARE :)

Training, Qualification, and Experience

Higher National Diploma in Counselling

Certificate of Proficiency with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)
Additional training: 


- Working safely online

- Mindfulness Diploma

- Compassion Focused Therapy 

- Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

- Family and Relationship Counselling

I have experience and a keen interest in understanding carer issues; long-term illness; the impact of a cancer diagnosis on individuals, family & friends; terminal illness; disability, and bereavement.

I am registered with the Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) and registered for Data Protection purposes with the Information Commissioners Office.

Apart from running my private practice, I am also working part-time hours for Ayrshire Cancer Support as a bereavement counselor, providing therapy for cancer clients and their relatives.


Enquire through my website or email at


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